Multiple Intelligence Self Assessment

·         Multiple Intelligence Self Assessment

This week we’re going to focus on Dr. Howard Gardner’s theory on multiple intelligence.  His theory states that students learn differently depending on how their brain is wired (my abbreviation of his body of work) Some students learn by reading, others by writing , still others by listening, moving, calculating… in all, he has identified 7 different ways by which people learn.  It is interesting to explore this concept and figure out how to use thes diferent learning styles to our advantage to increase student learning.

I want you to go to the following website and take the assessment to see how you learn best.  I also want you to read about Dr. Gardner’s work and see first hand how it is implemented in the classroom.

Using the content area you ‘ve been assigned ‘’topic (Safety & Injury Prevention” Adolescent/Young Adult Ages 18-26”)  I want you to use the attached matrix to describe 3 sets of seven different activities that you can use to teach and assess the topic area you’ve been assigned. (See an example below #2).  You may want to pay particular attention to the last two slides in the PowerPoint presentation to assist you in doing this activity.  I will also add some information in the content area for your use in developing this assignment. Use the template I’ve attached to complete this activity.

·         Using the content area you’ve been assigned, I want you to use the matrix worksheet (attached) to describe 3 sets of DIFFERENT activities that you might use to teach and/or assess the content and grade level you’ve been assigned.

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