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For this module, you will need to obtain more data. As you did in Module 7, visit the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s Air Data page. Collect data with the same parameters and the same county as you did before but for one thing; this time collect data for 2003. When you download this data, save it to a new Excel file. Look in your data set for the AQS_Parameter_Code column. If you have two different measuring methods, please remove the data for one of them. Having done this, copy this data into a new tab in the worksheet you were using for Module 7. Give this new tab a descriptive name.

For this new data, use Excel’s COUNTIF function to find the number of days with a PM2.5 AQI value over 50. Use this to find the proportion of days for which the air quality was not good in your sample. You will need to know the number of successes, the sample size, and the proportion of successes for to continue.

Create a new tab in your worksheet and label it “Mod 8”. Perform a four-step hypothesis test (hypothesize, prepare, compute to compare, and interpret) to test whether the proportion of days which do not have “Good” air quality has changed between 2003 and 2018. Insert any work done using StatCrunch into your Mod 8 tab. Tech Tips for using StatCrunch can be found at the end of Chapter 8. Include clear verbal explanation for each of the steps.

For your main discussion post, write a single paragraph discussing in non-statistical terms what you tested, the result you found, and propose why that result might be so. This post should be aimed at an audience such as one’s grandmother or a ten year old. The statistical language should only be in the explanations included within your Excel file. Attach your Excel file to your main discussion post.

In addition to your main post, you are to respond to at least two other students’ main posts. Substantive responses to other students’ main posts might include the following: (1) a detailed comparison of your results to their results including proposing why the results might (or might not) differ between your two regions, or (2) detailed and polite recommendations for improvements should their work be incorrect or not fully meet the assignment’s requirements.

Grading for this assignment will be based on the Discussion Participation Rubric in the Course Information Tab.

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