National Government

National Government

Answer the prompt and all questions in an essay response (20 points). See below for further

instructions on format, style, and citations. Carefully read the entire instruction sheet (two

pages). Your paper should answer all questions in an essay form and be no less than 1050 and

no more than 1250 words.

(1) Choose one of the first ten Amendments you want, and (2) describe what was the

intention of the Framers behind it. (3) How it was incorporated and (4) implemented over

time? (5) How and why does it matter today? (6) How it could be changed, procedurally?


Formatting Instructions

Failure to follow these instructions will result in a loss of points. All papers must be:

– Submitted electronically via D2L drop-box (to be checked for plagiarism) by the due

date and time

– Max 1222 words, inclusive of name, title, and citations

– No cover sheet, just your name and name of the professor

– Double spaced

– 1 inch margins on all sides

Style Instructions

Failure to follow these instructions will result in a loss of points.

Make your answers in the form of an organized essay which includes:

– A specific thesis statement that explains your argument and does not merely restate the


– Support your argument with examples from literary sources

– Keep direct quotes to a minimum. Instead paraphrase the text into your own words to

show you understand the concepts. You should use direct quote only if exact wording of the

quote is substantial and important for your paper.

– Use proper in-text citations format.



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Citation Instructions

Failure to follow these instructions will result in a loss of points.

Make sure you use the following method for citations

– Since your essay should use sources outside of the class materials, at least 3 outside sources, besides the textbook, is necessary and expected for this assignment. Quotations you sourced

have to provide important and substantial information which aids your argument!

– The sources for your essay should not be with .com, .net, .org extensions. You can only use sources with .edu, .gov extensions. Sources with other extensions will not count towards the

three sources requirement. Wikipedia is not acceptable source for this assignment and you are

not allowed to use it. To access those reliable sources, I suggest consult BC research librarian.

– To cite, use parenthetical citations, for example: (Smith 2009, p. 15)

– To create a bibliography of the works used for the assignment, use APA citation style,


Any remaining questions on formatting, style, or citations should be directed to the instructor by email. I

might not be able to respond to your e mail if you send it to me the night before the essay is due, so ask

your questions as early as possible.

REMEMBER: Submit only PDF or MS Word format of your paper to the course D2L course shell. You

will not receive grade if you do not submit your paper in D2L on time.





Plagiarism, as defined by the student handbook, and in

any possible form, is unacceptable and will result with

the appropriate sanctions and penalties outlined in the

student handbook, as well as a score of 0 for the course.

So don’t do it!

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