nature vs nurture debate regarding criminology

All Students: A Class Poll

We will consider the nature-vs- nurture debate regarding criminology. Now that we studied the Nature (biological theories) and the Nurture (Sociological theories) and have a strong foundation on each, what is your educated opinion?

Nature means a person is constitutionally or genetically predisposed to be criminal (Born criminals)

Nurture means that the course of life and its events caused the person to become a criminal.

Metaphysical means non-science. If you remember from your readings (Chapter 3), the metaphysical period lasted for thousands of years prior to the Renaissance period. The belief that Gods, demons, or unexplained or unproven spirits and the like caused criminal action. This also includes the philosophy components (remember ethics?) as well.

Using a 100% scale, how would you rate the three?




They must all add up to 100%

For example if I believe Nature is more powerful than Nurture and metaphysical, my chart may look like this…







It is okay to have 100% or zeros if you like. It is okay to have 50%, but try not to be boring! Have fun with this one. We have had some real intense discussion topics in the last few weeks, so a “lighter one” is merited. Yes!?,

Post your report using the above table, then describe and support why you chose the way you did. In replies, address your peer’s ideas…Were they similar or different?

Discussions: Expected word count in Initial post is 250 words; for reply posts, 100 words are expected. I expect perfect APA technique. The minimum requirement is three (3) scholarly sources with at least one (1) source a peer reviewed article published in the last 7 years.

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