Need 600 words with 2 outside references, please follow instructions carefully and deadline is Sunday night please

Poetry changes because of the creativity of individual writers, but also in response to social change. Likewise, some individual poets change their culture’s understanding of what a poet is and should be through their own talent; but for the most part, the role of the poet changes over time in response to changes in society. These include political, economic, and technological changes.

In 600 words analyze how English-language poems of the late 20th century are different from earlier poems. As you analyze these poems, address the following key points:

  • How these differences reflect changes in society
  • How these differences reflect changes in the poet’s role

Address the form of the poems (how they are written) and their content (what they are about).

Use a 20th Century Poem- Telephone conversation by Wole Soyinka (use this poem)

Please Include 2 outside references, other than the poem itself. 

After that portion of the assignment is complete I need three powerpoint slides on whats in the 600 word essay, basically the same info but in pp form and more general in nature. Remember only short notes in the slides but more of an explanation is needed where the footnotes are; not all the info can be up top for instance, thats a failing grade. Thank you so much!

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