Need an research paper on on hgba1c control diabetes. Needs to be 1 page. Please no plagiarism.

Need an research paper on on hgba1c control diabetes. Needs to be 1 page. Please no plagiarism. Module HbA1c is basically a term used to highlight glycated haemoglobin. It is, ‘glycated’ which is formed due to the combination of haemoglobin, a protein that holds oxygen inside the red blood cell, with the glucose inside the blood. To determine the average level of blood sugars inside the human blood, clinicians measure glycated haemoglobin present inside the human blood over a period of time. (, 2014)

HbA1c is the best available method to assess glycemia. Regardless of the presence of several other ways to measure glycemia, HbA1c is the only method which is never questioned. The infrequent laboratory blood glucose may be the most common use of these tools

If the value of HbA1c is adequate, clinicians rely on the therapy without much questioning. The most authentic assays of HbA1c are those performed in a high quality clinical laboratory, one standardized to the National Glycohemoglobin Standardization Program (NGSP)

The intake of food which contains a relatively high level of glucose results into increase glucose concentration in the blood. The level of HbA1c increases. In this way, the chances of catching diabetes increases. Diabetic patients get enveloped in major diseases which include heart attack, blockage in vein, and many other micro-vascular diseases.

A person without diabetes will have a haemoglobin A1c test of around 5%. The A1c level should be less than 7% in a health human. Level above 8% is dangerous and needs to be medicated. The HbA1c has some targets which need to be met in order to decide whether the person has a high or low level of glucose concentration in the blood. The targets as are follow.

the range is&nbsp.20-41 mol/mol&nbsp.(people without diabetes)

a HbA1c level of&nbsp.48 mol/mol&nbsp.(people with diabetes)

a target HbA1c of&nbsp.59 mol/mol (people with hypoglycemia)

People are recommended to measure their glucose level constantly. This test involves a small volume of blood and can be performed at home or in a doctor’s office. The sample of blood tested is taken to lab which is later presented to the doctor. Home testing is also done easily though a few professionals consider it less accurate. However, home testing is inexpensive so is widely common. (Gilles, 2014)

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