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Assignment Content

  1. Your local newspaper has asked you to write at least a 700-word, two-part article regarding the National Park closest to your location.
    Part 1
    Identify the National Park. Describe its location, its general habitats, and briefly describe at least two plants and two animals found within the National park.

    Part 2
    Examine how these plants and animals
    adapt to their environment within the park versus outside the park in terms of population growth or reduction, as well as speciation.

    • What is adaptation?
    • What kinds of factors affect population growth/reduction?
    • What is speciation? What causes speciation?

    Consider the following questions regarding
    changes in the National Park as you write your article:

    • What has changed over the last 10 years? You can investigate temperature, habitat changes, invasive species, accessibility to natural resources, and so on. Have the changes been positive or negative?
    • How have the animals or plants been affected by the changes?
    • How has competition for resources affected the change?

    Submit your assignment.


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