network questions 4


In short answers (Maximum two lines) responce these questions:

  • What is SDN and VFN.
  • What is congestion control?
  • What is the difference between TCP and UDP
  • How many IPs are there in mobile.
  • What is the difference between packet switching and circuit switching.
  • When you want to connect to the university, what is the first thing you need?
  • Is it possible for the MAC addresses to be similar? What are the benefit of MAC addresses?
  • Suppose your mobile is connected to the university access point and you move around. Is your mobile considered to be a mobile user?
  • What is propagation delay?
  • What is transmission delay?
  • What is the difference between forwarding and routing?
  • Where is forwarding implemented?
  • What is lock?
  • How to ensure quality in network?
  • What is the difference between throughput and bandwidth?
  • Is there a packet error correction on network layer level?


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