networking 60

This week we focus on how to keep a wireless network safe and secure.

As a member of a team you will apply some security principles to the wireless network of your project.

Update your project to contain the following deliverables:

Basic network layout and diagram (including predicted wireless and wired layout)

Workstation and server locations and configurations

We are now ready to learn about wireless security.

·Watch LinkedIn Learning video about wireless security: Learning Wireless Networking with Julio Appling

·Do some research to understand the steps of wireless authentication and encryption.

·Research the terms: Four-way handshake, WPA, WEP, TKIP, AES, RADIUS

·Read the following article on cracking WEP encryption: Tutorial: Simple WEP Crack

·Use Kali Linux, and a usable WiFi device, try the Simple WEP Crack tutorial to see how thoroughly broken the WEP encryption is. *Please use responsibly*

·Learn about cryptographic hashes by watching the following LinkedIn Learning video: Cryptographic Hashes from the course: CompTIA Network+ (N10-007) Cert Prep: 5 Securing TCP/IP

·Use a Kali Linux distribution, and play with hashcat, a program that was designed to calculate passwords based off of hashes. You can use MD5 generators from sites like to generate MD5 hashes and then use hashcat to return the original phrase from the hash. *Please use responsibly*

For your task, submit screenshots.

·Submit screenshots of hashcat and Aircrack-ng results.

·Create a set of guidelines for an IT professional to read and understand to setup a wireless network that should be fairly secure.

·Build a chart that provides details for the network layout and configuration, create this chart as a project deliverable that the client must be able to read / use or give to another IT professional

oPrepare other related documents that describe where software will be housed, and how data flows through the network if it is not readily apparent from the chart.

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