newsletter 9

Hello there,

This is the assignment that I have to work on. I only need question number 2 to be answered.

You are a group of educators and are planning to take your 6th grade students in an historical field trip (14th century) in a time machine that has just been invented.

  1. (paulina)You should first explain to them the factors that contributed to the increasing trade and interaction between various parts of Afro-Eurasia in that century.
  2. (diana)Then, make clear to your students the role that disease played in China and Europe and how these societies influenced by the outbreak of disease.
  3. (Zuri)Lastly, clarify to them in what ways humanism was representative of the Renaissance.
  4. (Elleny) ACTIVITY
  5. (Bri) (Alyse) EDIT slides

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