Next two questions are based on the following information: Flex Inc.

Next two questions are based on the following information:

Flex Inc., an electronic system integrator, developed a new product, which consists of a key component sourced from a supplier and the software developed in house. For the coming selling season, Flex’s demand forecast for the integrated system is normally distributed with a mean of 1000 and standard deviation of 600. Flex incurs no costs associated with software integration. It sells the integrated system at $121 per unit to its customers. Flex can sell any unsold integrated systems in a secondary electronic market for $50 per unit. 

Flex can buy the key component from Solectric at $72 per unit. However, due to long lead time and short product life cycle, Flex has only one opportunity to place order with Solectric prior to the beginning of its selling season.

Another company, XE, can also supply the key component to Flex for $83.5 per unit. XE’s main value proposition is that it offers one-day delivery on any order no matter when the orders are submitted. Since the software integration can be done in one day and Flex promises one-week of lead time for its customers, the one-day lead time from XE will allow Flex to operate with make-to-order production system (i.e., Flex can take customer order first, then order from XE).

9. If Flex sources exclusively from Solectric, the optimal order quantity is _ units. 

10. If Flex decide to use both suppliers, he should order _________ units from Solectric before the selling season starts.          

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