Nonprofit Hospitals, Once For the Poor, Strike It Rich

Read WSJ – Non-Profit Hospitals, Once for the Poor, Now Strike It Rich

then write an analysis based on what you currently know about the health care industry.

Follow this format –

1.  The paper should be 1 page, double spaced, Arial 11 font, 1 inch margins.

2.  Begin the paper with a BRIEF summary of the article – about 1/3 of the content.

3.  The rest of the paper should be your analysis of the article – 2/3 of the content.

4.  Address these issues –

  • Comment on the giving tax  exemptions to non-profit hospitals
  • Comment on the amount of compensation that top health care executives should get
  • Comment on how much charity care both non-profit AND for-profit hospitals should give

Do some research.  Don’t just react off the top of your head.  Cite your sources.

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