NTSB Case Study

Write a module case study applying the SHELL Model: Once again go to the NTSB Web site (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.. Analyze and evaluate as many NTSB Final Accident Reports as necessary to find reports that provide examples of failures in the four model interfaces that were concluded to be either causal or contributory to the accident. You must find reports that exemplify the following interfaces:

  • Liveware – Software
  • Liveware – Hardware
  • Liveware – Environment
  • Liveware – Liveware

For each accident:

  • Summarize the overall circumstances of the accident.
  • Explain in detail the accident circumstances related to the appropriate model interface.
  • Relate and apply your knowledge of human physiology and psychology, human performance and performance limitations, and human error, as appropriate, to those circumstances.
  • Explain how those circumstances demonstrate that model interface.

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