NURS 6051N Week 6 – Main Post A Nurse’s Role in the Systems Development Life Cycle

NURS 6051N
Week 6 – Main Post
A Nurse’s Role in the Systems Development Life Cycle
Nurses play a pivotal role in patient care. A nurse is the first person a patient builds trust and interacts within a healthcare facility. Nurses are responsible for assessing patients’ needs, concerns, diagnosing illnesses and assist the physicians in what is the best course of action. Nurses are an essential part of the comprehensive standards of care and health promotion for all patients and family entering the hospital. Which make the ramification of an organization not involving nurses in each stage of the systems development life cycle when purchasing and implementing a new health information technology (HIT) system is a great danger to the overall quality of care in the healthcare facility.
Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) is a way to deliver efficient and effective information systems that fit with the strategic business plan of an organization (McGonigle & Mastrian, 2018). Since nurse is an integrated part in hospital care for the patient, it is imperative that they play a role in the SDLC of the HIT. Hospitals have invested significant resources in improving IT infrastructure and establish HIT to enhance clinical nursing care and administration efficiency and effectiveness as well as to meet the challenges of an increasingly competitive business environment and to change health care policies (Hsiao, Chang, & Chen, 2011). It makes it critically essential to involve nurses in the HIT process.
In the first stage of feasibility is important to include nurse because of they on the frontline of patient care and knowing if a HIT system will work or not.). While improved care delivery and patient safety may be the principal drivers of nurse engagement, there’s often an ancillary benefit. When nurses are fully versed in a HIT, there is also a strong tendency for physicians to get on board. Physicians who have not acquired computer skills sometimes feel more comfortable learning from a trusted nurse (Page, 2011). Second stage analysis is where the system is examining how to implement it in the healthcare facility. Nurses are suitable for this step when there is a need to get initial feedback from multiple users. The nurse has the manning to evaluate any system upgrade or replacement without affecting patient care. Third stage design along with analysis is vital in the development cycle, and great care is taken during these phases to ensure that the software’s overall configuration is defined properly (McGonigle & Mastrian, 2018). Since nurses will be software designers’ biggest customer, it is important that nurses are involved in the early stages of the development cycle. When it comes to the implementing stage, it is important that nurse leaders should educate organizational leaders and nurses about the value proposition of technology and the need to invest to put technology in the hands of nurses who will be good stewards and think of patients first (Virginia Nurses Today, 2010). The final stage is test, nurses’ decisions about clinical technologies should be guided by the same two overarching goals for patient care enabling safe and efficient care measuring nurses’ impact in keeping patients safe and promoting their health and recovery from illness (Virginia Nurses Today, 2010).
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