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Please only bid if you have experience conducting research of your own in the area of psychology or education/counseling. Thank you in advance.

Observation Report & Observation Data

(High-Level Professional-Scholarly Writing)

This assignment is designed to provide practice in conducting behavioral observations and writing observation reports.

This method of assessment is most commonly used with children, so observing a child in a classroom setting or other setting (i.e., after-school program, extra-curricular activity, etc.) is highly desired. BUT now we do not have access to a child for the purpose of this assignment, so a youtube video will suffice. Here are a few I have found but you can find a different one if you would like. Use only one to document and write the report.

The observation report is to be a maximum of three pages (not including title page and references) in length and should be written as if you were using this research for future conclusions on classroom interventions.

-The document of observation data should be provided separately and doesn’t have a length specification but should be thorough.

Some options.

APA Standard, reference list, can use outside journal articles.

Include APA-formatted in-text citations.

Be professional.


Content – This portion of the report offers a detailed, coherent description, demonstrating the ability to observe carefully, keep thorough records, and translate those into an engaging narrative.

Insight and Critical Thinking – This portion of the report offers a consistently thoughtful, even insightful discussion of the ways in which the observation relates to the content of the course and the observer’s pre-existing knowledge and assumptions.

Organization – The report is so well organized that the audience is scarcely aware of its organizational and/or structural elements. They seem to be simply another logical part of an organic whole.

Quality of Writing and Proofreading – The report is virtually free of mechanical or grammatical errors, demonstrating a careful attention to editing and proofreading, upholding – even contributing to—the author’s thinking on their observation.

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