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Choosing a Topic for your Final Critical Essay:

Reading and Writing Persuasion

Each week, we will work toward the development of the Final Critical Essay. This will be a persuasive essay of 1200 words based on one of the following topics inspired by readings in our textbook, The McGraw-Hill Reader.  For your first post, choose one of the following topics and read the Chapter Introduction and one of the suggested essays.  Choose a relevant or provocative quotation from the essay you have chosen.  Compose a working thesis statement, and complete the following for your first discussion post:

  • Topic Choice
  • Working thesis
  • One paragraph in which you reflect on the topic and your position
  • A relevant quotation from the essay correctly cited in APA. Please place the quotation in the paragraph you compose. 
  • Initial post should be 300 words.

Peer Responses (2): Comment on their topic and selection of quote.  Ask a relevant or leading question.  (150 words)

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