option 1 board of directors essay

Option #1: Board of Directors Essay
Imagine that you work as a volunteer for the local community animal shelter called ABC Animal Rescue. You have volunteered for approximately four years. The Board of Directors has asked you to meet with a group of 25 volunteers and the local community during a fundraising event. The Board requested that you mingle with the volunteers, many of which you already know, and the local community members.
The purpose of your mingling is to build relationships and trust between the organization (ABC Animal Rescue) and the community/volunteers. You agree because you are passionate about this cause.
Using the results of the “New Drivers of Leadership” self-assessment, and the 10 traits from the Jones (2015) article “What Employees Want in a Leader,” describe how you would approach the community and volunteers to build relationships and trust.
Start your paper with an appropriately formatted Title Page per the CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA. (Links to an external site.)
Provide an appropriate introduction (Links to an external site.), which includes your thesis statement.
Your paper will be 1 pages in APA format.
Use citations (Links to an external site.) in your writing and corresponding references at the end of the document when referring to the articles or authors (see references below).
Casse, P. (2014). The new drivers of leadership (Links to an external site.). Training Journal, 27-30.
Jones, D. (2015). What employees want in a leader (Links to an external site.). Print + Promo, 53(1), 14.
Here are several helpful links.
How to Write a Thesis Statement (Links to an external site.)
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