Option #1: Order Entry

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Option #1: Order Entry

Refer to Critical Thinking Assignment – Option 1 in Module 2. Your tasks begin by generating and executing the SQL statements to create the Customer, Employee, and Order tables. Next, you will develop and execute the SQL statements to populate the 3 database tables from the data in the 3 tables on pages 73-74 in the Database Design. Finally, you will write and execute queries to display the data from all attributes (columns) and tuples (rows) in the 3 database tables.

Important reminder, refer to the instructions from Module 1 for creating database. This step must be completed before you can create and populate tables within the database.

The deliverables for this assignment are:

  1. Screenprint after the database is created.
  2. Screenprint after the 3 database tables are created.
  3. Screenprint of the query results of the contents for each table.
  4. A brief description of your key learnings from this assignment.

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