Organization culture

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1. Rread: Why Activity-Based Working is the Cure for the Open Office Layout (

o This article makes a case for the use of activity-based working…

2. Then read: Activity-Based Workplace Design: Using Data to Drive Your Transformation…

o This article describes factors that need to be considered when implementing this design.

3. Read: This article shows good examples of organizations using the activity-based working design:…

Respond to the below questions. Your responses must reflect an understanding and integration of the above 3 readings.

1. How could you measure whether new office designs are improving the organizational culture? Explain. Be detailed.

2. A generally positive view of activity-based workplace designs is presented in the above articles. What do you consider the potential downsides to such designs? Explain.

3. Are activity-based workplace designs the direction of the future or just another fad to be replaced by the next “latest and greatest” idea?



4. Choose 3 of the 6 primary characteristics discussed (adaptability, detail orientation, result/outcome orientation, people/customer orientation, collaboration/ tram orientation, integrity.) and assess how they fit into the organizational culture at Google.

5. Does the culture at Google make sense for Google? Why or why not?

6. Choose 3 of the 6 primary characteristics discussed (e.g., adaptability, detail orientation, etc.) and assess how they fit into the organizational culture at FedEx.

7. Does the culture at FedEx make sense for FedEx? Why or why not?

8. What would likely happen if Google tried to instill a culture like exists at FedEx?

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