Organizational Behavior and Management

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Read Chapters 12-13 in “Organizational Behavior and Management” (Konopaske et al., 2018) to gain new understanding of such concepts as power, politics, ethics, and communication in an organization.

Respond to the following discussion questions:

  • Think about your current attitude towards and experience with office politics and write down your thoughts.
  • View the video: “The best way to play office politics” [16:12]
  • (Links to an external site.)
  • To what extent was Linda Hill and Kent Lineback’s message in congruence with your attitude and experience of office politics? Why? Explain.
  • To what extent did their message influence how you perceive office politics today and what actions, if any, will you take in the near future to participate in office politics? Explain.

Respond with a substantive and succinct post of 250-350 words and make at least two substantive comments (50-100 words) to classmates’ posts

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