Organizational Development (OD) Consulting Process

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Chapter 8 in “Organizational Development (OD) Consulting Process” (Gallant & Rios, 2014, pp. 153-173)

Read “Thinking like an OD Practitioner (Anderson, 2018, p. xxiv) in which Anderson lists ten decisions OD practitioners must make throughout the OD consulting process:

  • How to gather the most relevant data when time and access are limited
  • Which questions are most germane to ask in an interview or on a survey
  • Which model to use in analyzing data, or whether a model is appropriate at all for the situation
  • How to prioritize which issues and themes discovered in data gathering are most important to address
  • How to frame sensitive concerns in a feedback meeting with a client to encourage action but avoid collusion
  • How to genuinely help the client and add value without taking on all of the client’s burdens alone
  • How to balance concerns of limited time and money in selecting interventions
  • Whether to address task or relational interventions first
  • How to evaluate the results of the engagement given the many factors involved in personal, team, and organizational change
  • When to leave the engagement, staying long enough to leave the client in a satisfactory position for the future but leaving early enough to avoid client dependency

Respond to the following discussion questions:

  1. Refer to Chapter 8 (Gallant & Rios): Considering each phase in the organizational development consulting process such as Start-Up (entry, contracting), Diagnosis (data gathering, analysis, and feedback), and Intervention (action planning, designing intervention), which phase will be the most challenging for you? Why? How would you overcome the challenge? Explain.
  2. Refer to “Thinking like an OD Practitioner;” Select three decisions and explain how would you address each, as you know it today. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each decision?

make at least two substantive comments (50-100 words) to other posts, i will send it when you done with the discussion

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