“Our Town” play question

The hymn “Blessed Be the Tie That Binds” appears inevery act of Our Town. InAct I, it can be interpreted to have meaning that relates to thebonds of friendship and unity that exist in Grover’s Corners. InAct II, it can be interpreted to have meaning that relates to themarriage of George and Emily. In Act III, the hymn is sung at Emily’sfuneral. Read the lyrics below and provide an interpretation thatexplains its meaning as a funeral hymn. Use evidence from the text tosupport your answer.

BlessedBe the Tie That Binds

Blessedbe the tie that binds

Ourhearts in Christian love;

Thefellowship of kindred minds

Islike to that above.

Beforeour Father’s throne

Wepour our ardent prayers;

Ourfears, our hopes, our aims are one

Ourcomforts and our cares.

Weshare each other’s woes,

Ourmutual burdens bear;

Andoften for each other flows

Thesympathizing tear.

Whenwe asunder part,

Itgives us inward pain;

Butwe shall still be joined in heart,

Andhope to meet again.

Thisglorious hope revives

Ourcourage by the way;

Whileeach in expectation lives,

Andlongs to see the day.

Fromsorrow, toil and pain,

Andsin, we shall be free,

Andperfect love and friendship reign

Through all eternity.

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