outline for a research question

Thesis: While sex offenders shouldn’t be allowed to return to the society because of the crime they committed, there are ways to help or let those sex offenders come back to the community because some case studies have shown ways to control the sex drive or behavior of sexual offenders or who have the desire to commit a crime, and because the range of sex offenders is too varied and too vague that sometimes they get miss treated.

I. Introduction

II. Different types of sex offenders, how our Judicial system category them

It is really hard for people to get rid of the title, and this will cause people to put some judgment on them automatically, and this is not fair. (Chris F.’s Story)

III. Why some sex offender recommit crimes

Unusual testosterone level, which will related to high sex drive, and eventually if they can’t control, they will committed crime over and over again

IV. The ways that some people who have the desire to commit crimes used.

Some people know that they have unusual feeling for young teenagers, but they never committed crime. So how? Some uses help group and regular Psychological counseling

V. Idea for changes

Government should reorganize the category for sex offender, like different levels, so people will not put color eyes on those people anymore.

government should accept different option, like chemical castration, for sex offenders to choose, so they can get off the jail and back to the society

VI. Conclusion




Need two more sources and idea about the section you want to use in the research paper

annotations for the all sources includes the ones I give

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