outline please read instructions

Learning Module #3: Applying writing skills

Please review the rubric for this assignment. (Please See Attachment)

Here are the potential papers and prompts associated with each one. (Please see attachment, I have been working with Information Technology- Turkle, S. “How Computers Change the Way We Think” pp. 721-727)

Remember, you may use a research question you wrote in Week 1 or use the question under your selected reading.
(I am providing the writing assignments from week 1 and week 2 for your understanding and better continuity of the work done in the previous two weeks.)

In 500-700 words, create an outline for your major paper. Please use the outline format provided. (see attachment for outline format provided)

Keep in mind that the outline serves as an early draft from which you should more easily segue into the full and final paper assignment. The more specific your outline is, the easier your completion of the final paper will be. At this time, do not quote any source material in your writing. In other words, do not quote for the time being. You will integrate quotes in Week Four. You may integrate in-text citations (i.e. Last Name, YEAR, p. # or para. #) to help yourself think about where sources will best fit.

Please AVOID COPYING AND PASTING any source material as the similitude checker is different yours from the safe assign checker at school.

  • Be sure to use 7th edition APA.
  • Avoid using any source material.

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