paper 3 data collection methodology

Week 4 – Paper #3 – Data Collection

Paper #3: “Data Collection Methodology”– DUE AT END OF WEEK 4

In this paper, you will present the instrument (survey) you designed to collect the data for your research. You will also discuss how you plan to administer the instrument (Survey). All learners will be using to design, collect & analyze the collected data.

This paper should be written in the following format (subheadings):

a.Population Sample

b.Instrumentation (present the survey)

a.Survey questions (Please include the reason why you chose the questions as well).

b.Response options

c.Data Collection procedure (how you plan to administer)

Papers require a cover page and a separate References page (not including the required page minimum). Papers should include in-text citations and references, as appropriate. Papers must be written in APA writing format. This includes double-spacing and page numbers.

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