The BUS 206A Project, which is a formal research paper, will provide you with an opportunity to more fully develop the background and implications of a business ethics/legal/regulation issue within the context of the course.

Your paper topic proposal requires research in order to make your proposal as close to your paper topic as possible.  For the first part of the project, you will submit a written proposal that will be reviewed by the instructor and will either be approved or rejected.  If your written proposal is rejected by the instructor, you are to contact your instructor to submit another version.

The written proposal must include the following items:

  1. Your proposed paper topic.  This part of the proposal is required to be written in one sentence.  Keep your paper topic narrow (but not so narrow that there are no scholarly/peer-reviewed sources available on the topic).
  2. Why the topic is interesting and important to you.  Include a minimum of three paragraphs about why this topic is interesting and important to you.  Address how you will focus the topic.  If you choose a topic that is not of interest to you, it will show in your paper.  Give this some serious consideration and contact your instructor for guidance if you need to do so.

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