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Until nowadays there are still discriminations surrounding us. Before or after the civil war how black people get treated hasn’t change a lot. They can’t have school, and also being consider the lowest rung of the ladder. White privilege is one of the issues that black people have to face. White people think white skin is their authority. Black people think that white people are raised with property. In 1890 which the article mention there were a massive group of white Americans who are “ decedents of Immigrants” they are allow to go to school, to have skills and a job which black people aren’t allowed. In the film where they take place in Little Rock Central, some of the white kids refused to eat same kid of food as black people in the same cafeteria, so they rather eat outside. Also, white people disagree to be taught same education as black people. After 50 years of changes there are some better small changes in Little Rock Central. Black people are allowed to go to school, being in the same class with white people, eating same food as white people. But black people still feel segregated.

They are adapting internalized operation; they feel they have to sit beside each other to be stronger. White people gave them this pressure without noticing. There are many gangster related business, murder are all come from the internal pressure. Some of them are even afraid to try upper level classes, they are unconfident of themselves. There is a class for kids who need extra help; in the class are all black people. They tend to act differently makes trouble to brings more attention for themselves.

Individual racism relate to how some of the white people still react, they still think they are somehow better them black students. Because of the skin color that white people have to protect from many disability. They naturally become the person who just sit and watch the unequal reacts. For example a white kids say if I am the only who walk into the cafeteria and eat it will be just me. So, they rather choice what other white people are doing. In the class they still sit separately from the black kids. Although it a school with same system, but it feels like a two separate school. Most of their parents graduated from college, they got to drive their own car to school. Their social group will naturally take more advantage then black.  

After all, there are still some examples that black people are surrounds with white people, hanging out with whites people. Institutionalized racism is an example of these situations. Brandon who grew up around white neighbor hood, go to school with white kids and hang out with them. Some black kids think they can have a better future then other black kids. By taking the AP classes, to have a upper level education. Some of the black kids choice to keep believe of they are treated unequally as a taboo for themselves. So, they can live in a life without fear and discriminate

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