paraphrase interview rehearsal review


Please just paraphrase this.

The experience of watching my own interview was unique, interesting, and informative. The questions were good enough to get the best out of me in terms of my skills, talent, and expertise that I have been able to develop and enhance in my personality so far. The interview was an experience that has left me thinking positively and proudly about myself. At the same time, it has left me pondering over some aspects of my personality and my academic and professional qualifications that I must still improve to be a competitive candidate in the future for such an interview.

I answered the very first question, as it was about myself, in a satisfied and impressive way. I am quite clear about many things about myself, for example, what kind of skills and abilities I have, and what kind of targets I can achieve. So the experience of answering the first question was pretty enjoyable, and I fared pretty well. The second question, which was about my strengths, was specifically the question that I love to answer and think about often. I responded to this question too pretty well, and I enjoyed talking about my strengths also. Explaining the third question, which was about my weaknesses, was rather a tricky question; This is the question that, I think, got me thinking about myself. By rehearsing again and again for this interview, I got myself, finally, ready and well prepared to answer this question. The final version of my answer was entirely satisfactory. What I did to answer this question was that I talked about the habits that I have, which are not really harmful. Still, I certainly need to correct and get rid of, for example, managing my time more reasonably, taking exercise more regularly, etc.

The next question that my greatest achievement is was one of the most desirable questions for me. I loved this question, and I fared pretty well answering this particular question in detail. I talked about my academic success in detail in order to answer this question. I spoke about my scholarship and my better and better grades as well. While answering the next question, I was a little careful about the analysis of my previous job and the way I performed. I explained that my previous job demanded much time from me, which was not easy for me to do because of my studies at the same time. I liked the last question. I answered the previous question as my next employer should hire me because I am talented, committed, and I believe in both hard work and smart work.

Overall, the experience of answering these questions and going through the process of the interview, I realized that it was a great exercise to go through this process again and again until I got better at it. At first, I was not confident or excited about this activity. I was actually a little intimidated, but with time, as I was answering these questions the third time, I started getting comfortable answering these questions. By the time I ended the activity of answering the questions, I had realized I had gotten quite better at answering those questions. Now, I feel I am better prepared to answer such matters in an interview in the future. These questions and answers have also made me realize quite a lot about myself as to how to answer questions, how to express myself properly, and how to communicate with the interviewer in order to do a great job in an interview.

As I watched the video of my interview, again and again, I realized that my body language had gotten more positive and more confident as I repeated the same performance. My facial expressions improved, my eye contact with the imaginary interviewer and my tone got better and better with more and more rehearsal. Rather unknowingly, I got more confident with the repeated rehearsals of the interview. Overall, I would it was such a learning and amazing experience to watch myself this way, answering those questions and performing as if I was being interviewed in real.

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