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Human Development Personal Response Paper

Assignment Instructions:

In this personal response paper, you will explore how you were parented in terms of the four parenting styles discussed in your text on pages 253-256 (LO 6.16: Parenting Styles). If you find you need more sources for clarification, please contact me. Please DO NOT seek out or use any outside sources unless I give you permission to do so. More specifically, you will discuss the parenting style you received from your primary caregiver (the person who was most responsible for raising you) during your childhood and how receiving this parenting style may (or may not) have affected you.

ONLY pick ONE person, even if you were raised by more than one.

ONLY pick one style to discuss and examples of it, even if seemed to vary.

To help you be successful, I have a very specific format I want you to follow for this paper. Here is what I want you to do:

Paragraph 1: The first paragraph should introduce what you will be talking about in the paper. (In this paragraph you should state who it is you will be talking about and their relationship to you. You should also state whichparenting style was primarily used.)

Paragraph 2 (or more): Give the definition of the style. [If you use your own words, you must be absolutely sure that all of them are your own AND you still must reference the material (1) in-text (meaning in the body of the paragraph) and (2) provide the full citation at the end of your paper in the reference section. When you use all your own words, you do NOT need to use quotation marks or provide a page number. If you have trouble using your own words and/or need to quote, (1) use quotation marks, (2) provide the reference in-text, (3) provide the full citation at the end in the reference section, and (4) provide a page number. By the way, changing the order of some words or substituting some words for others DOES NOT count as your own words and are considered plagiarism. In such a case, you should quote it and note it! If you need help with this, please ask.]

After or in combination with defining the style (depending on how you organize it), you need to then describe how the parenting style that you received during your childhood or adolescence fits in with the definition of this particular style. Give examples of how this particular parenting style was used. (If your parent seemed to switch styles or use multiple styles, please pick only this one to discuss.) In terms of organization, the best way is often to have one paragraph defining the style by itself, then one or more paragraphs where aspects of the definition are exemplified.

Be careful how you organize this part. Organize your paragraphs well. Be sure you show you understand the elements of this style well by how you discuss and give examples of it in action.

Paragraph 3 (or more): Discuss specifically why you think this person primarily used this type of parenting style. This means you should pick one or more possible reasons and then describe how you know they played a role by using examples or demonstrating your thoughtfulness on the topic. (For example, you may consider culture, era parent was raised in or cohort, the way your parent was parented, etc.) If you have several potential reasons, you may do best to discuss each in its own paragraph.

Paragraph 4 (or more):Briefly assess the effectiveness of this parenting style for you (not children in general). Discuss the impact of this parenting style on how you are today (as an adult or a late adolescent). Again, you should not talk about children in general here; talk about yourself. You may wish to consider how you will parent your future children or how you have parented the children you currently have. Look at the effects discussed in the text if you need ideas about what you might consider for outcomes (but you do not have to address these). If you do use material from the text here, be sure you cite it in APA style.

Note: Do not use outside sources for this paper. This includes any other outside source (websites, other texts, articles). If you do not understand the parenting styles well from what you read in the text, please contact me. I am happy to help you! I can also approve an outside source if you feel you just have to cite one.

General formatting instructions:

1) Although this paper uses APA style for citing, you do not need to use APA style for formatting a research paper (as this isn’t a research paper). For example, you do not need a running head and other things that are NOT included below.

2) Title Page: Create a title page. The title page will include an appropriate title, your name, date and a final word count.

3) Formatting: The paper should be double-spaced in an easy-to-read 12-point font (like Times New Roman) with 1-inch margins on the sides and at the top and bottom. Do not use any bold text in the body of the paper. (If you wish to emphasize a word or phrase, use italics.) Do not add extra spacing between paragraphs. (Sometimes students do this to show they are starting a new paragraph, but the way you should do this is by indenting new paragraphs. As such, spacing should be uniform and entirely double-spaced.)

4) Word Count: The paper should be a maximum of 2000 words (including title page and references). (Most students write about three and a halfto four double-spaced pages. This would not include the title page or references section.) When you are typing a document in a Word program, you can check your word count by going to Tools on the menu bar and then clicking on “word count.” Please do not forget to tell me your word count on your title page. Going over the word count will result in a reduction of points. Having fewer words if fine so long as you cover the material very well.

5) Style: Since this paper is a personal response, you will have to use the first person (“I”, “my family,” etc.).

6) Late papers: Late paperswill NOT normally be accepted. To avoid a problem the day the paper is due, you should submit it 24-hours early like usual.

7) Citing: You must also properly use APA style referencing. Everyone will have to reference the information you obtained from your textbook in your paper since you did not come up with these styles yourself. Please be sure you reference intext (meaning in the body of the paragraphs) and at the end in a “References” section (which, by the way, is its own page at the end of the paper). If you get stuck, please ask! I would be happy to help you.If you do not do this, you will earn an F on the paper, perhaps an F in the course, and be reported from plagiarism (which may become part of your academic record). Please see more on academic dishonesty in your syllabus and in the Week 1 folder where you learned these expectations.

8) Grading: You will be graded on a few different dimensions:

a. Thoughtfulness. To do well in this area, you must show that you spent time considering the topic and formulating your responses. Here I am looking for some creativity; did you put some thought into coming up with excellent examples or did you simply make something simple up to get the paper done?

b. Appropriateness. To perform at your best in this dimension, your paper should address the assignment. In other words, did you do what the assignment asked you to do? You should remain on topic and discuss only what is relevant to the topic in your paper.

c. Organization. To achieve high marks in this area, your paper must be easy to follow; it should “flow,” using transitions appropriately. You should use clearly defined paragraphs and complete sentences. Your paragraphs should follow the format I have outlined above. You should use APA referencing.

d. Clarity. Your paper must be clearly expressed, grammatically correct, properly spelled, and readable. (In other words, I shouldn’t be sitting there trying figure out what you mean!)

9) Turning it in:You will submit it by uploading it into Canvasvia the plagiarism server Turn It In.

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