personal ethics statement paper for full question see below

I have attached a PDF , please read the article to answer the questions below:

With clear, insightful critical thinking, write a paper articulating your own personal ethics statement by responding to the following:

  1. Why does each of us believe what we do?
  2. Why do we choose to respond in a particular way when faced with an ethical dilemma?
  3. Define how you will respond when confronted with an ethical dilemma.
  4. Identify elements from biblical scripture to support your personal ethics statement. How did you develop your sense of right and wrong?
  5. Explain how the Bible positively informs (or should inform more significantly) your daily work.
  6. Explain negative behaviors in the workplace that you will avoid based on your study done in this course.

Requirements to write the paper:

Write your answers in a three-page paper (one-half page per a-f above) using APA format. Include at least three sources as references for this paper.

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