Personal Statement On Heart Failure Fellowship Essay.

Personal Statement On Heart Failure Fellowship Essay.


It simply feels great when our dreams turn into reality. I had always dreamt of becoming a physician. I have covered a long journey from my dreams to this medical field and have experience of working with Heart Failure/ Transplant clinics at Stanford. I have exposure to cardiomyopathy as well as to pathology by undergoing clinical and cardiac MR training. It feels great when you know that you can bring change in somebody’s life and relieve them from pain. In order to make myself more equipped for it, I have always tried to enrich myself with further knowledge so that I can give the best to this profession.Personal Statement On Heart Failure Fellowship Essay.


For those patients who are in last stage, techniques like heart transplantation and life savior methods are used. And these two methods seemed very fascinating to me. In this method, a deceased doctor donates his healthy heart to the patient. Then surgeons replace the defaulted heart with the healthy one. If I talk about my interest, I always wanted to understand pathophysiology and disease manifestation at all stages of heart failure.

After having learned so much, I would truly love to be affiliated with an academic center because I believe that it will help me to get involved in fellow education/conferences/updated research which ultimately will foster my clinical knowledge and experience. Moreover, I enjoy teaching and also learning from my colleagues. Knowledge is something which you can gain from anybody and everybody around. Teaching what I have learnt so far would not just be enthusiastic but a dynamic task to go ahead with. However, I do not want to take it as a full time profession.Personal Statement On Heart Failure Fellowship Essay.

I also have a strong inclination towards specializing in one particular field and seeing the patients at general cardiological clinics. I love talking to patients regarding the primary prevention measures they can take, providing them proper care and medication and the foremost of all, diagnosing their diseases right in the early stage. Precisely, I want to excel in the field of Heart failure and Heart Transplant. I am ready to potentially accept this task to cure CHF patients permanently with close and skilled monitoring.

I understand the significance of being specialized in one particular field and what difference it can make to the victims. Acquiring a dual skill set of a general cardiologist and the complex skills of an HF specialist sounds even more fascinating to me.

Currently, I am involved with several research projects in cardiomyopathies– PMI in ischemic and non-ischemic cardiomyopathy, non-compaction, Takotsubo CM, patients with severe CM who received ICDs, CHF outcomes QI projects. My prior experience with Post heart transplant patients at Stanford medical center before my residency gave me an insight into this field.Personal Statement On Heart Failure Fellowship Essay.

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