phi210 week 1 discussion and responses 1

“Critical Thinking in the Workplace”

The video clip “Thinking on the Job” in the Webtext this week illustrates the importance of critical thinking in work contexts.

  • In your own words, describe what critical thinking involves.
  • Discuss a time in your work life when you needed to use critical thinking. How would you show a potential employer that you have solid critical thinking skills?
  • Find a resource online that helps people increase critical thinking skills, share it here, and give a brief description for your classmates.

NOTE: All students are required to post a minimum of two (2) posts per online discussion thread. Students must have one (1) original post and a minimum of one (1) other post per discussion thread.

AND respond to these posts:


Critical thinking simply means that you are making logical and rational assessment of information, assessing both its strengths and weaknesses. Critical thinking is a skill that is essential in allowing you to decide for yourself how to interpret and evaluate the worth of information you read. A manager analysis customer feedback forms and uses this information to develop a customer service training session for employees. Often, you will need to share your conclusions with your employers or with a group of colleagues. You need to be able to communicate with others to share your ideas effectively. You might also need to engage critical thinking in a group. In this case you will need to work with others and communicate effectively to figure out solutions to complex problems. /what-is-critical-thinking-definition-skills-meaning.html

Great resource video that help depicts what is critical thing; definition, skills and meaning.



critical thinking to me is when you use key facts to determine the outcome of a situation. The way you show a potential employer that you have solid critical thinking would be possibly creating a survey and then discussing the outcomes with the employers. A resource on line that helps people increase critical thinking skills would be a assessment . A assessment can help people get a breakdown on how something is being used and be able to analyze the situation. Critical thinking applies to your everyday lifestyle and sometimes you may not even notice it.

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