philosophy modern mind locke john second treatise on government 4

you have to write 2 different papers based on the same book.

first paper is minimum 5 full pages double spaced (not counting title and references) – minimum 1500 words

second paper is minimum 2 full pages double spaced (not counting title and references) – minimum 600 words

write in MLA format and DON’t USE ANY OUTSIDE SOURCES except for the attached book!

add in text citations with page number from the book too!

hi, I have two assignment , first one(paper for philosophy 202 2nd paper) 5 pages( you can choose between two task, do only one)

second assignment( Locke chapter 8) needs two pages( write the question above each answer). please read them carefully. Both assignment related to the book (Locke, John. Second Treatise on Government) don’t cite outside the book.

sources should only come from the book . Use MLA citation. Now your answers are to be more thought out, more engaged in expounding, clarifying or questioning what they thought was true. Feel free to ask questions where something is not clear, or you find it to be wrong. Feel free to give your own reflections on what you understand the author to be saying.

chapter 5 starts at page 111

chapter 8 starts at page 141

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