Kant and the ethics of real.

Explain the difference between the non ethical and ethical sudden moments of truth in your own words explain.

a.       1. show why our everyday actions no matter how much we reform ourselves cannot be ethical with examples.

b.       2. What do you think kant means by a moral revelution? How does it prefigure an ethical subject? Give example.

c.       3. How do principles allow one to do one ethical duties?

d.       4. What does it mean to do ones duty?

2 provide a detailed analysis of an ethical person… (Malcom x)

a.       1.Analyze the situation of which they were apart; everyday, normal and pathology

b.       2.What was the moral revolution that ruptured his everyday life allowing him to become ethical

c.       3. Discuss the moment when this person made an ethical decision to commit himself to the mora revolution.

d.       4. Show some ways that he use their principles to practice fidelity in the moral revolution? What did he do?


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