physical design

those are our business plan and business rules, we are supposed to create a database base on it, write the physical design of our group project its what you need to help me with.

Business Plan:

This small company aims to provide parking services to members of the garage and guests of the hotel that is associated with the garage. Their purpose is to securely store a customer’s vehicle for a given amount of time and return it to the customer upon request. The company is overseen by a head supervisor. Each shift is run by a shift manager who is in charge of four valets at any given time. The company is in charge of keeping track of customer information, vehicle information, time cards, and parking space availability. Their goal for this database is to be able to access information quickly and efficiently. This will allow them to sustain growth and scale as they expand their business and open more locations in the near future.

Business Rules:

  1. Customers can be associated with the attached hotel as hotel guests, or they can be daily, or monthly customers
  2. A valet parks customer vehicles in spaces designated for their customer type and vehicle size.
  3. Daily and Hotel customers receive a receipt every time they check their vehicle in. This is handed in to the valet when the customer wishes to retrieve their vehicle. The receipt stores check-in information, and what membership rate the customer will receive.
  4. Hotel guests have a flat rate for checking their vehicle into valet parking, while daily customers have an hourly rate, and monthly customers have a monthly rate
  5. All monthly customers should have a monthly number and they use that to checkin and check out the vehicles.
  6. All hotel guests will get the hotel guest tickets during check in
  7. All daily customers will get a daily tickets when they check in
  8. Supervisors keep track of schedules to determine which valet (employee) is working at what time and day of the week
  9. Information is recorded into the database to keep track of what lots are available on any given day, which valet parked what vehicle, what damage was done if any, and what hook number is associated with the parked vehicle
  10. Customer name, contact number, membership status or room number (if applicable) are recorded for each customer, and vehicle type, vehicle color, previous damages and plate number are recorded for each vehicle checking in.

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