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PICOT Resource – To assist with scholarly paper:
Suggested outline below. This is what I explained in class.

Submit with a cover page APA style.

The PICOT statement must be at the top of the paper such as

Example only

Intervention: In African-American female adolescents with hepatitis B (P), how does acetaminophen (I) compared to ibuprofen (C) affect liver function (O) and time (T).


African Americans in general are impacted adversely by hepatitis B. According to Hyun-seok (2018) Hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection in the US is the most common among Asians followed by non-Hispanic blacks. The focus of the research paper is on non-Hispanic blacks treated with acetaminophen in comparison to ibuprofen and the effect on liver function over 12 months.

After you have written a good general introduction. You may consider ending the paragraph this way.

The paper will examine five concepts that make up the PICOT research statement. The concepts are population, intervention, comparison, outcome and time.


There are many African American women in the united states. According to the Asian center for progress (2019), African American women make up 13% of the population

Another source by ________________reported % of women who have Hepatitis…







References (on separate page


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