please make an effort to write legibly

(Please make an effort to write LEGIBLY, as I con’t orade what I con’t decipher. • You may use only a single 3xS” note card during the test for reference. Answer each of the following short-answer questions in the provided blue book(s). Questions may be answered in any order, please remember to number your answers. • At the end of the test period, you must return this sheet along with all blue book and note cards Please answer all questions: 1. How would each of the three views of how crimes are defined (consensus, conflict, symbolic interactionist) explain the decriminalization of marijuana in some states? 2. Criminologists cite several different factors in explaining gender differences in criminal activity. Identify and discuss any three of these factors. 3. Explain how routine activities theory is used to explain criminal victimization, and describe measures that a typical amusement park might take to reduce victimization by applying this theory.

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