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Please make the paper into a powerpoint with voice over notes

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The product service management system that would be put into place would help with making sure that the equipment the facility has is up to standard across the board. Whether the equipment is doing what it is intended to do or causing any kind of issues with the service that is given to the patients would be what is checked regularly. With a good product service management system, the facility can keep up and stay competitive with the competitors by keeping up with competitive offers that are duplicative and the unnecessary products that could merge. “There will be a system in place to be able to consistently keep up with the new products and services and be able to match them with the market’s needs and buying cycles” (Russo, 2014).

The implementation of the physical infrastructure of the facility will be built to the specific qualifications and needs of the patients who will be utilizing it. There will be things put in place to assist the patients with getting around the facility itself like automated wheelchairs to help them get to where they need to be. Every inch of space within the facility needs to be utilized so that there is no space wasted and keeps the services adaptable. There needs to be enough space for the patients to feel comfortable in the environment by having suitable couches and chairs in the waiting area along with televisions to keep the patients entertained while they wait. “When looking at the actual rooms where the patients receive their care there will be enough space in between each bed to ensure that if any procedures are needed to be done they can do them right there instead of moving the patient to another room” (Luxon, 2015). With all those things tied together, the Satellite Oncology Center will be a facility that ensures the patient is being well taken care of as well as staying innovative on utilizing all new ideas and resources to stay relevant.


Services rendered by a Comprehensive Cancer Center (CCC), include but are not limited to, multifaceted treatment options such as chemotherapy, radiation, and immunotherapy, supportive care, administrative assistance among many others. It is imperative that the services that are exclusive to the institution are included in the marketing plan and utilized in any advertisements that are put forth or any information and media distributed to the public. Exclusive to a (CCC), immunotherapy and research-driven treatments are at the forefront of patient care. Included in these exclusive services are also cancer screening programs, these programs increase public awareness and double both as a service and a form of advertisement that will include community outreach. “There are many direct to consumer marketing plans implemented to plant the seeds in the consumer’s mind, filled with information regarding the latest innovative cancer treatments and services available to them” (Gray & Abel 2012).

Management of these services done at a clinical and administrative level allows room for additional services to be added on over time, giving the ECRH room to grow and develop. With many (CCC’s) oral chemotherapy, intravenous therapies and radiation all also require a deep level of understanding in terms of the organizational infrastructure. Having multiple regional facilities allows opening access allowing patients the opportunity to have these services through multiple locations, without having to overextend themselves to receive them. The services in one location would be the services throughout all the locations given that each one is equipped with the appropriate equipment and staff. One of the services that the stand-alone “main” facility would be equipped with would be a proton therapy treatment center, one of the most state of the art treatment regimens that recently developed to treat a multitude of diagnoses.

With 99% of the services being offered available at all the locations, the maintenance of the equipment, the trained clinical staff, there is no barrier to patient care that can arise. Implementation of these tactics includes the procurement of facilities that have the physical space to store and appropriately administer treatment, in addition to making the patients feel comfortable with receiving their care at the institution.


Premier and comprehensive Cancer Center Company is equipped with sufficient and reliable facilities to offer the society with the best services in cancer treatment. It has advanced facilities for surgical services as well as secure systems of carrying out diagnostics. Also, the company has post-surgical wards as well as full-time emergency services. By ensuring that the above factors are maintained, the management of the Premier and comprehensive Cancer Center and Treatment has made the company a reliable place for cancer treatment. The firm ensures the maintenance of the best standards regarding cancer diagnosis by the adoption of modern technology. Through the use of technology, the speed and accuracy of treatment are increased through automation.

The labs of the firm have the newest equipment for diagnostics and other treatment services. Some of the facilities available are the latest cancer scanning machines and Trubeam technology, and digital breast thermosynthesis. These facilities are managed by the highly skilled clinicians of the company. The clinicians procure specimens of high quality and ensure an effective follow-up after the test outcomes are received. The diagnostic services offered by the company are inclusive of biopsy, pathology, endoscopy, radiology, colposcopy, and nuclear medicine. The provision of these services is ensured through the expertise, experience, and empathy of the clinicians.


The bottom line to a health care marketing strategy is understanding the target market, especially when it comes to a pricing tactic and implementation of it. With one goal to get the most return on investment (ROI), we still must also keep the patient in mind. Taking the latter into consideration, along with the need for oncology satellite services, ECRH can use a value-based pricing tactic. Eric Dolansky stated, “How much the customer is willing to pay for the product has very little to do with cost and has very much to do with how much they value the product or service they are buying” (“Eagle Business Services”, 2020). A value-based pricing tactic and implementation entail having a service like oncology available. The satellite oncology centers will be considered a strong benefit for cancer patients which creates the value of lifesaving service. Patients seeking oncology services value their lives and the ease of receiving the treatments, so they are willing to pay more for the service. The satellite facilities create the value for both ECRH and the patients.

Understanding the competition and demand curve for services will also allow us to establish a pricing strategy. The demand is based on the target market, which is cancer patients, however, we must consider any type of shift the market may take because it will affect pricing. Keeping up to date with how the medical school prices oncology services we will be able to adjust and price the ECRH services accordingly while keeping in mind that the convenience factor of the satellite facilities creates greater value than the actual cost.

Actual cost and revenue earned will also be contingent on negotiating insurance contracts and reimbursements with most commonly used insurance carriers plus taking into consideration the economic situation of the non-and underinsured. In conjunction with the contracts, watching the economic market conditions will assist in implementing the value-based pricing strategy. Our tactic and implementation will be to use ECRH’s satellite facilities to create value for the patients while monitoring the market conditions and reducing overhead waste at other ECRH facilities like the number of unused beds at ERMC. “By applying the eight lean management steps to reduce waste (transportation, overproduction, waiting, underutilized talent, inventory, motion, excessive processing, and defects) we can implement reducing waste and using the savings to buffer the self-pay issues we encounter and have less control over” (8 Types of Waste Reference Guide, n.d.). Through these steps, ROI will be seen to upkeep the facilities, pay the staff and define and improve our business process.


Patient care is a primary focus for all healthcare facilities and ECRH will strive to keep patients at the core of their building and future investment opportunities. ECRH Mobile Satellite Oncology Centers provide an avenue to allow great patient access to care. The incentive for patient care focus by incorporating these mobile satellite clinics will increase outcome, satisfaction and patient loyalty to the ECRH system. “Accessing the care needed is critical for these patients to achieve optimal health outcomes. Delays in treatment can result in irreversible disease progression and even, exacerbate the cost of care for both the patient and the health system.” (Heath, n.d.)

As a corporation working to provide appropriate access to care, ECRH needs to concentrate on lean processes as well. According to Skhmot (2017) “waste is any action or step in a process that does not add value to the customer.” Defects, overproduction waiting, unused talent, transportation, inventory motion, and extra-processing all contribute to waste and must be addressed to allow ECRH to surpass its competitors, taking over the healthcare market for patient care and satisfaction in oncology treatment. The initiation of mobile satellite clinics to provide oncology services will place ECRH as a top provider of services, reducing travel (transportation/motion waste) for our clients receiving treatment locally. The locality of the clinics will reduce wait times for appointments (waiting waste), allowing a greater number of client service and treatment dates and times by spreading the service to locations that it is needed most. Focusing on the end consumer, the patient; and initiating satellite clinics for treatment services will increase patient access as well as customer satisfaction; pulling patients from competitor companies to utilize ECRH mobile services for chemotherapy needs. Using lean practices as a patient care approach, ECRH will provide better patient outcomes. “Systems that can leverage lean management principles to reduce waste while improving the quality of care will be better positioned to survive and thrive in healthcare going forward.” (James, 2018).

With a continual rise in oncology service needs created by increased referrals to ECRHs’ new oncology center, we shall focus on immediate implementation and placement of the new mobile satellite oncology centers throughout our service areas. ECRH will focus on and provide appropriate access to the patient clientele located within the following counties: Chestnut, Walnut, Butternut, Oak, and Maple “When patients have to travel long distances to receive treatment, they are likely to go without adequate care.” (Heath, n.d.). Implementing mobile satellite clinics will allow immediate treatment services to our customers without the need for long-distance travel.


Communication is a vital and necessary tool for the organization’s success and overall accomplishment. Effective communication ensures that all parties will become and remain informed through the monthly meetings established by ECRHS. The new electronic health record (EHR) will not only create an effective communication process between departments it will also enable employees the ability to access relevant information promptly on time. With the recent merger that has taken place communication within the organization is even imperative and guarantees access, progress and success for everyone.

When communication is executed correctly it adds the necessary dimensions to the plan by including the public. This is done through ECRHS terminating the burn unit, the ACO and various other facilities and services lines that are not adding value to the healthcare system. In addition to the closures, ECRHS will have possible legal actions attached to the company by the Federal Trade Commission. The pending legal action comes because of the merger and purchase of NMCH. Therefore, communication to the public should be presented in such a way to thwart as much negative publicity as possible regarding the hospital. An effective communication plan will highlight the progressive and positive components of the hospital. For future consideration, a strong communication plan is needed for the health care systems to improve communication of best practices, services lines, and facilities that are of interest to the community.

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