Please use Coca-Cola Company for this. please I need references and citations within the sentences

Please use Coca-Cola Company for this. please I need references and

citations within the sentences. Thanks

Applying Systems and Sustainability Tools to Your Sustainable Solutions Paper (SSP)Signs of the growing need of organizations to individually and collectively move toward more sustainable practices have become increasingly more numerous and more multifaceted. For example, signs can come from reports on environmental issues that conclude “during the period ad 1971–2000, the area-weighted average reconstructed temperature was higher than any other time in nearly 1,400 years” (Pages 2k Consortium). Signs can also come from reports on social issues such as global poverty, which state “over 1 billion people live in extreme poverty” (The World Bank, 2013). All signs indicate that progress in developing more sustainable business practices must continue. Such progress is imperative not only for continued economic stability but quality of life itself.
To prepare, review the supporting media for this week’s section of your SSP and the SSP Systems and Sustainability Analysis handout. Also, review Necessary Revolution (Chapters 2–4, 8, 9, 14).
Continue working on your Week 7 SSP sections preparing for your Week 7 SSP that you will submit on Day 7 of Week 7 along with the revised version of your Week 4 submission. You do not submit anything this week.

-Life-Cycle Analysis
-Sustainable Value Framework AnalysisA brief description of each analysis follows:
Life-Cycle AnalysisSelect one or two products or services from your chosen organization’s industry, and analyze their life cycle. Identify which of the following life cycles apply: Growth Through Creativity; Growth Through Direction; Growth Through Delegation; Growth Through Co-ordination; or Growth Through Collaboration. Explain the rationale for your choice. Then, identify the larger strategic questions that arise from an analysis of these life cycles. Explain how these questions relate to previous analyses in your SSP.

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