The Issue: To research, and discover credible reliable information and be able to ascertain the truth and not be manipulated or persuaded without being educated. 

Research: Research ALL the following sections. Please refer to the syllabus for all requirements, formats, and due date. 

Analysis: Please research, site examples and analyze all sections by using multiple political sources from different political perspectives. The more thorough the research paper, the better chance of receiving a higher grade. 

Section 1: DISCUSS forms of Government (Do not quote, or give definitions) 

A. Communism B. Marxist

C. Socialism D. Monarchy

E. Republic  F.  Dictator

G.  Totalitarianism H.  Tyranny

I.  Anarchy

Section 2: Historical Documents. Research and discuss federalist papers, Declaration of Independence, Bill of Limits, and Constitution. Include 1 -3 in your discussion 

1. Date(s) of Document:

2. Author(s) of Document: 

3. What was the purpose, goal or intent?

Section 3: Discuss federalism and give an example, maybe even a court case.

Section 4: Finances/ Budget. Discuss the following.

a. Federal Reserve 

b. Free Market

c. State and National Debt

d. Government (Federal and State) Spending. 

5. Discuss the following using factual information only:

a. NDAA/Patriot Act/NSA

b. Border Security/ Chain Migration/ Lottery


Conclusion: What have your learned completing this assignment? Discuss.

1500 words

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