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Please write one or two paragraphs about each of the matters below.

There is no need to go beyond class materials and/or classes to answer the assignment.

1. Discuss the initiatives of international organizations against transnational corruption and evaluate their successes.

2. Can a person be vicariously liable under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act? If so, discuss the ways and how to protect against such liability.

3. Discuss the international politics of international money laundering policy and why there needs to be a level playing field.Do you think there is a level playing field in practice?

4. Describe the life-cycle of money laundering and what are the methods of money laundering.


Citations –

Chapter 3 (Money Laundering & Counterterrorism) of International White Collar Crime: Cases and Materials

Chapter 4 (Transnational Corruption) of International White Collar Crime: Cases and Material

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