pol 100 essay 2

You must complete the following paper assignment, and you must use exact MLA-Style, just as you did for the first paper back in February. Remember to visit the MLA-Style Guide web-site; see external links if you need help to navigate to that site.

Your paper should be two to three typed pages, following exact MLA guidelines, which means DOUBLE SPACING TBROUGHOUT. You will answer the question below, and you should be specific in your use of language and chronology.

–Who do you think has been the greatest president in American history? What characteristics do you admire about the President you chose?

Organize your work into good clear paragraphs:

I. Your first paragraph should clearly introduce the President you have chosen to write about. There should be chronological reference to his life and his years in office.

II. You should spend the next three to four paragraphs explaining this President’s accomplishments and the reasons why you have chosen him. Be very clear, and BE SURE TO CITE ANY SOURCE(S) THAT YOU USE AND DO SO IN EXACT MLA-STYLE.

III. Now spend a paragraph or two explaining what you admire most about the President you chose.

IV. Provide a conclusion paragraph where you sum up what you have said.

V. Your final page will be a Works Cited page in MLA-Style because you will have used some outside material to learn about the President you chose. Be sure to include ALL sources used, including our textbook, within your Works Cited page. ***YOU MUST USE THE MLA GUIDE, PROVIDED IN THIS WEEK’S LESSON, TO BE SURE THAT YOUR WORKS CITED PAGE CONFORMS TO ALL MLA GUIDELINES. ***

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