political science discussion question 4

As you view this week’s material, you will come to realize (if you don’t already know) that American voting participation is pretty dismal for most elections. There perhaps are numerous reasons for this poor voter turnout. First and foremost, note why people do not vote. Then, perhaps most importantly, address ways to fix the problem. What are some effective ways and means that we can implement in order to get more people to participate in our elections?

Once again, follow-up with several more substantial posts and continue to reflect and exchange ideas with others. Let’s see if we can discover the roots of the problem and strategies to fix it. Share an exchange of ideas.

For an “A”: a discussion grade of “A” will require you to have all your postings completed before the deadlines (which are noted on the Calendar), demonstrate excellent knowledge and understanding of the readings, responses (be tactful and nice) and questions for your classmates

At least two postings during each week of the discussion should be in response to your classmates’ postings. Your views, opinions, thoughts should be documented from the class material whenever possible. For example, if you express an opinion try to support it with material from the reading or document which serves as the basis for that week’s discussion.

There are pics in the file to respond to the students

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