Political Science extra credit

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Watch the film and then write a short (1-2 page) response to the content. In your response, include a very brief overview of the content of the film. Also include your thoughts about the content, for example what did you learn about the subject that you didn’t know before and did the film make you think differently about the subject. Your reflections on the film should show that you paid close attention to it and thought critically about it. If you like you may explain why you do or don’t agree with the film.

Chose ONE of the 3 films below:

Big Sky, Big Money

This film traces some of the effects of the U.S. Supreme Court ruling in Citizens United vs. FEC, which is one of the Court’s most important rulings on money in politics.


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Immigration Battle

This film examines the importance of immigration reform policy and why it’s so difficult to pass meaningful and effective immigration reform legislation these days.


(Links to an external site.)

Prison State

This film explores the effects of harsh sentencing guidelines and long prison sentences which the U.S. and most state governments have implemented in recent decades.


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For the following two movies, please write a maximum two page typed paper answering the following questions. Please number your answers to correspond with the questions below.

13th (Documentary – NetFlix)

  1. State the 13thamendment to the Constitution.
  2. What are the relevant statistics comparing the U.S. prison population to that of other nations of the world?
  3. According to the film, how have American corporations made huge contributions to the U.S. having by far and away the world’s largest prison population? Be specific.
  4. What is ALEC and how did this organization contribute to the prison problem?
  5. What is “plea bargaining” and how does it continue to contribute to the size of our prison population according to the film?
  6. What is your personal evaluation of the film? (no wrong or right answer here – I am just interested in your thoughts.)

Where Should We Invade Next? (Roger Moore) You know how to get it better than I do. You might start here –


(Links to an external site.)

  1. Make a list of the countries that Moore “invades” and explain what he steals from each country. What is his reasoning?
  2. The U.S. has by far the largest GDP in the world and yet we are told that we cannot afford these programs. What is going on?
  3. From his list pick the two changes you like best and indicate why you would like see them in the U.S.) This is your opinion and will not effect your grade.)

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