political theory class

Instructions: Research and Fully explain IN YOUR OWN WORDS each of the following political approaches. Compare and contrast each political approach. Include your personal view of the political approach. Fully explain if you believe that this political approach is still relevant in today’s society. (Note that this is an upper level course, please make sure that you take your time and fully answer the call of the assignment. You have more than enough time.)

Political Approach:

1.Plato: Civic society and the nature of justice; the structural dimensions of society; and the philosopher as king.

2.Aristotle: The importance of friendship; scientific and practical knowledge; the nature of the polis; slavery, citizenship, family, private property, and just and unjust constitutions.

3.Christian Conceptions of Civic Virtue

4.St. Augustine: The problem of sin and the earthly and heavenly city.

5.St. Thomas Aquinas: Faith, religion, politics, and the state. The role of law: divine, eternal, human, and natural law.

6.Martin Luther and John Calvin: Religion, morality, and politics: the state and intellectual freedom.

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