Politics / fake news

In your own words , Answer each question completely  from looking at the video ”The unelected: The media ” by Hendricks Smith . Apa format , ensure that all sources you use are identified.


1. In The Unelected: The Media Hedricks Smith refers to a “Shadow Government.”  what entities make up this government and how do they affect politics?  Give examples to illustrate your answer. 

2. Why is the public cynical about the media? Explain with concrete examples why this is a major problem in a democracy.

3.  With specific examples from the documentary and with your knowledge of current events, discuss how the Clinton presidency was similar and different than the Trump presidency?  In what ways did the press cover the two leaders?  Conduct research to support your answers.

4. The New York Times story Deepfakes Are Coming. We can no longer Believe What We See  by Regina Rini, she discusses some troubling trends that will affect how we relate to stories in the future.  

Write an paragraph that summarizes her major points, and discuss, based on research you conduct, the dangers democracies face as a result of these trends.

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