popular culture in america discussion post

watch the film on Youtube:

Part 1 – https://youtu.be/h8N3EztyOoA?list=PL2F327072B017663A

Part 2 – https://youtu.be/4Yb4npSI5rk?list=PL2F327072B017663A

Part 3 – https://youtu.be/FvNRTTtdpWw?list=PL2F327072B017663A

Part 4 – https://youtu.be/ZT5l_mGIcTA?list=PL2F327072B017663A

Part 5 – https://youtu.be/6C-16N2fgEQ?list=PL2F327072B017663A

Part 6 – https://youtu.be/WamU1LADoKM?list=PL2F327072B017663A

Part 7 – https://youtu.be/eyOaezbhTr8?list=PL2F327072B017663A

Who makes up the rating system and why were they granted that power? Does the rating system benefit studios or independent film makers? What does the film suggest US values in terms of the movie rating system compared to the rest of the world (hint: it’s either sex or violence) and why? (Another way to think about it: How does the rating system, as a type of social control, show us what the US values?) 10 points

500 words

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