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Portfolio Project

This project is to help you learn how to develop an idea into a working hypothesis that you can take to a research project. You will NOT have to do a research project – instead, you’ll write a paper based upon archival research.Your topic will focus on different aspects of memory – a topic that has a long history of research in psychology. This paper will be 3 -5 pages in length, and with the addition of cover and references pages (which will make it a 5 -7 page paper in total).

To get you started, I will be posting a copy of a set of material each Tuesday in my D2L shell for the class. The first part will include a handout over how to read research articles. Second, there will be an article that shows how memory is influenced by different factors. Finally, there will be an assignment which includes answering three to five questions and writing a short (4-6 sentence) summary of the article. There will be four assignments, along with an assignment on how to write citations and references in the APA style . The assignments are due the following Monday/ Tuesday (depending if you are in a MWF or TTh class).

In the next stage of the project, you will need to find two two more articles connection memory with another aspect of cognition. For example, is there a connection between the environment you’re in during an event that may trigger future memories? You must find articles using the PsychArticles database available through the NCTC library. I will not accept articles from any other source. When we get to that point of the project, I’ll show you how to do searches in that database. After reading the two articles you find, you’ll need to write short summaries of them.

The final assignment is writing apaper using the American Psychology Association (APA) style – which includes references and citations. To help with this , each assignment will focus on different aspects of the APA style, have an assignment on citations and references, and assign readings from the Perrin book.

The first two assignments are worth 7.5 points. Assignments 3 through 7 are worth 10 points. The final paper is worth 35 points. When the paper is assigned the scoring rubric will be discussed. The entire project is worth 100 points. After the portfolio has be scored, I will also assess an improvement score of up to 10 points.

As stated on the syllabus, the portfolio project is a required portion of the class. If you choose not to participate, the highest grade you will receive for the class is a D. If you do not complete at least 70% of the project, your maximum grade will be a C. If you find yourself struggling with the assignments – PLEASE come see me – I want you to be successful and will help you any way I can.

Also note – when you turn in the final paper, you will also be required to turn in every assignment from the portfolio project (Assignments 1 – 7 along with the final paper). Do not throw away assignments after I return them to you.

Universal Formatting Guidelines for All Portfolio Assignments The following formatting guidelines are required for every assignment unless otherwise stated. You will lose points if these are not followed. Don’t lose points needlessly !!

1. Name: First and Last names as well as your section MUST be included on all assignments. Sections are: MW F 11 -12 or TR 2 – 3:30 .

2. Font face and size: Everything must be Times New Roman size 12. This includes headers.

3. Include an APA style reference for the article being reviewed – it must precede the answers and summary.

4. one -inch margins all the way around.

5. Printing – if you can get all your answers and the summary on a single page, great! Except for he final paper, you may print on both sides.

6. If an assignment, when printed, has two or more sheets of paper STAPLE the pages together –I will not accept any other form of fastener. (Note –I do not bring a stapler to class – there is a stapler for student use available in the library.)

7. Everything is to be double – spaced.

8. Avoid using contractions – isn’t, couldn’t, it’s, etc.

9. Avoid beginning sentences with the following words: and, or, but, so, then, well, because

10. Avoid second person voice: you, your, yours, et .

11. since I want to help you with YOUR writing, DO NOT USE QUOTES – EVER!! Since you will not be quoting, you do not need to use quotation marks ( “ ”), either

on the following page, you will see

an example of what I expect when you hand in your assignments. Please note that the questions that I have answered are not the same as you’ll find in any of your assignments. The correct order of information is:

1. Name, Section, and Assignment Number.

2. Reference

3. answers to question

4. Summary

Final note – this is merely a sample of how things are to be laid out – the questions below are NOT the questions you’ll be answering on your assignments. Those will come with the individual assignments .

David Christian

TR 10-11:30

Portfolio Assignment Week 1

Christian, D. B. (2019). Paying attention to detail: The importance of understanding what’s going on in an Introduction to Psychology portfolio project.Psychology and the Student,17(1), 39 -48. DOI: http://dx. doi.org/10.10 45 / ittppp 0000015 .

Questions :

1. what is the importance of the order of the authors as they are listed in the article header? The order signifies the level of contribution each author had in the completion of the article. The more work they do, the higher up in the ranking they go.

2. How do you acknowledge an article in your writing?

This is done through the citation and referencing system. The citation goes within the body of the pa per and the reference is typically at the end of the paper.

3. What is the importance of following directions and turning in assignments on time? The directions are to help students learn the proper way to do write an APA style paper, which is different from the MLA style papers most have written in the past. By turning assignments in on time, students do not get behind and then have to play catch – up. Playing catch – up can be extremely daunting .


According to Christian (2019), there are many common mistakes students make while working on the portfolio projects. These include not paying attention to the guidelines, not reading the assignments completely, not asking questions when they do not understand, and getting behind in their work. The author has found that students are often nervous about approaching their instructor because the student feels their questions will make them look silly or dumb – though he argues that he is always happy to work with students to help them understand. Finally , Christian has found that the worst thing that a student can do is to get behind. Not only does the student lose points because the work comes in late, but since each assignment requires a fair amount of work, it can quickly become overwhelming (Christian, 2019).

-please follow much us you can and follow his steps .

– at least 6 pages i want .

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