print page funding and accountability for international organizations

International institutions face a number of practical challenges when working in the field. Problems of cooperation and coordination across national borders require a complex range of institutions to address them. This often means that international institutions have many stakeholders. These stakeholders may also have wide-ranging and contradictory requirements. This is often most clearly seen in the funding for international organizations.

For this Discussion, review Chapters 7 and 8 from your course text. Consider what kinds of funding sources the development organizations discussed in these chapters use. Think about how funding might affect the ability to implement their desired programs. Consider whether the goals of the organization may affect these factors. Think about the goals of the organization you have chosen for the Final Project. Think about how it is funded. Consider how your chosen organization might fit into the framework built by the authors of the course text.

Post by Day 3 an explanation of how your organization is funded. In your explanation, address the role of funding organizations in determining the goals of your chosen organization. Then, explain the mechanisms that are in place to allow funders to evaluate how programs are implemented by the organization align with its overall goals. Explain how funders determine whether the programs implemented by the organization align with its overall goals.

Required Resources


  • Missoni, E., & Alesani, D. (2013). Management of international institutions and NGOs: Frameworks, practices and challenges. New York, NY: Routledge.
    • Chapter 10, “Governance Models and Reform” (pp. 215–238)
    • Chapter 11, “Strategic Thinking and Planning” (pp. 239–265)
    • Chapter 12, “Results Based Management” (pp. 266–294)

Optional Resources


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