problem solving letter assignment

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Problem-Solving Letter Assignment

The Scenario: You are the manager of a fast-food restaurant. Lately, you’ve noticed that the lines at the service counter have grown unacceptably long, and some customers are getting frustrated – this is a “fast-food” restaurant, after all. Write a short (two page single-spaced) problem-solving report outlining the problem and recommending a solution or solutions. For this assignment, you may make up any details you need to make the report convincing.

Be sure to wrap the text around the visuals, and cite the material accordingly using figure and number indicators along with where the material is from, and a link to the source if applicable.

Figure 1: Sample to illustrate size requirement for visuals

Using pages 290-296 of your textbook as your guide for a short report (pg. 291), your letter will be assessed using the following criteria:


Includes header with company and address


To, from, date, and subject lines


Begins with combined summary and introduction detailing the problem, concerns, scope of the report, and relevant background details


Provides a detailed discussion and analysis of the problem in the body of the report


Has a clear, concise conclusion including context, recommendation(s), a course of action, and the benefits of the recommendations for the employer or institution.


Ends with actual bare-bones recommendation


Includes 2 visuals, appropriately cited.


Is polished and uses Times New Roman 12-point font with 1” margins



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